Right to Repair

Finally, South African motorists are in control as to who and how they maintain their vehicles. The “Right To Repair” campaign has opened new territories in the automotive sector for the private sector and the end users, being the vehicle owners.

From 1 July 2021 motorist will have the luxury of choosing the type of service plan they want with their new vehicles. they will no longer be restricted in having to choose a plan offered by the manufacturing dealer or the selling dealer of that vehicle. Not only will consumers have a choice in service plan covers but also have free will on the parts that they can use on their vehicles and repair stations these are fitted at as it will not affect the validity of the manufacturers warranty.

For years South African motorists have had little to no detailed information on what they pay for when it came to their warranty/service plan feature. This is all coming to an end, yes, the consumer now can unbundle the plan offered and choose exactly what they want, be informed about how much each item costs and be able to use their own preferred service plan provider, like Auto Guard SA Service Plans.

Over the years, private manufacturers and suppliers have been developing and mastering the production of quality OEM specked parts. This means that aftermarket parts are of the same quality as the original manufacturers specs, backed up by a warranty promise ranging from 10,000 – 20,000 kilometers or 6-12 months after fitment. With the current state of the South African economy this breather couldn’t have come at a better time, these replacement parts are 30-50% cheaper than original parts and this leaves more money in the motorists bank account.

So you reading this article, have the choice in signing up with a service provider that keeps your financial wellbeing and vehicle maintenance as their primary concern, by offering you bespoke service plan from as little as R99 per month. Your plan can either be with original dealer agent or any RMI/MIWA approved service station in South Africa. checkout the link