Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty

New cars come with a basic factory warranty on mechanical and electrical components in the vehicle. This is a pre-set guarantee from the manufacture to you that they will cover all repairs stemming from mechanical failure or even subpar manufacturing. But, what happens after this pre-set period?

The Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty helps protect drivers after the factory warranty has come to an end, usually after 3-5 years from purchase. Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty covers unforeseen repairs due to defective or malfunctioning parts through general use or wear and tear. Our mechanical warranty covers all major components related to: Engine, Transmission, Fueling System, Suspension and much more!

Protect your vehicle with a month-to-month cover from Auto Guard SA that keeps you at ease that when that unexpected failure comes by, you’re covered. The Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty is backed by a 5-star rated administrator and underwriter in South Africa, Insure Africa

How does it work…how does “Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty” save me money?

Here is a short real-life scenario to help give you perspective of how the Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty works and save you money.

You and your family are travelling back home from a lovely weekend away, and with less than 80 km to your destination, you start to feel engine power loss and abruptly come to a halt. 7:45pm on the side of the road and you have no idea what the problem could be, so best you call for roadside assistance. Upon their arrival they load up the vehicle and take you to a nearby workshop, next day you’re called by the workshop manager informing you the cylinder-head has a malfunction and will cost you R23,500.00 a cost you had not budgeted for at all. What do you do?

With an Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty, you’d have access to complimentary Roadside assistance, Towing to a nearby station, vehicle hire for up to 5 days and lastly, your mechanical repair is paid for without having to pay anything on the spot. Yes, nothing on the spot, all you do is pay a monthly premium for an Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty from as little as R199. There are 3 options of cover available: Lite, Select and Executive.

Where will my vehicle be repaired?

Auto Guard SA Mechanical Warranty clients can take their vehicle to any RMI registered facility, anywhere in South Africa. Some clients will have the luxury of having their vehicles repaired and serviced at the Auto Guard SA workshop in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal and soon to be in every major city in South Africa.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, you will contact our emergency line and arrange a tow of your vehicle to the nearest RMI workshop or preferred station within 100 km radius. From there the administrator will be assist in lodging the claim after a diagnostic of the mechanical break down has been done.

What makes our product better than others available on the market?

Auto Guard SA aims to cover an educational and informative gap in the market which has left most motorists uneasy with taking up a mechanical warranty due to bad past experiences. Our team aims at offering its clients the best fitting cover for their vehicles to ensure they are covered comprehensively on all mechanical components. Furthermore, our claims cover 100% on all “wear and tear” across the covered components schedule. Alongside these, is a full suite of free benefit services: Roadside assistance, Fuel run, Medical emergency services and overnight accommodation. 

Product Offering

LTE Plan – This is our entry level plan from R199 p/m, its a great starting point for those who are still unsure of the benefits a warranty plan provides for their vehicles. It is also a great plan for small businesses that are fleet dependent for their day-today operations.  The LTE plan is also a great additional option for clients looking to have a service plan run hand in hand and still maintain a budget of under R500 for both

Select Plan – The Select plan is offered at R360 p/m and this is what we regard as our middle sector offering as it caters for most of the vehicles in the middle income bracket. This plan is great for the VW polos, Hyundai i-range, Ford Figo….you get our drift? Whether the vehicle qualifies for Plan 1 or 2, it will still be comprehensively covered in an event of a mechanical breakdown

Executive Plan – Just like its title, the Executive Plan offering at R450 p/m is ideal for those executive like vehicles on the road. Here clients get up to R340 000 cover on covered components. Yes! be rest assured that in a situation of an unforeseen mechanical and electrical failure, your vehicle will be taken care of.